Falling Into Autumn

“Falling into Autumn”

Changing leaves, pumpkins in the garden, cooler weather, kids trudging off to school… There is no doubt about it – autumn is in the air! I always get the feeling that anything is possible in autumn. There is a feeling of newness all around that speaks of fresh possibilities and new hope.

I am having an “autumn” year. One great thing about being a Sister at Annunciation Monastery is that I am encouraged to try new things and embrace opportunities. This past year I have taken on a new job as my community’s Vocation Director (I am loving it!); started voice lessons (scary, but fun!); began learning how to play guitar (challenging!); fished for the first time (I actually caught something!); and tried all kinds of new and interesting recipes, such as homemade pickles and rhubarb ice cream (to be eaten separately!).

And, thanks to my Prioress, I have discovered the wonders of racquetball. Racquetball is interesting in that it is sometimes fun and stress-relieving, and other times frustrating and very humbling. On the one hand, it is very satisfying to be able to thwack the ball as hard as I can, and perhaps even get a winning shot. On the other hand, during some games I miss the ball almost as often as I hit it. It is a very humbling thing to jump up for what I think will be the perfect shot…and then hit only air. Occasionally after one of those momentous leaps, I end up sprawled out on the court floor wondering what just happened exactly. This humbling experience is multiplied by the fact that the racquetball court faces a hallway in a busy college. There is a good chance that people may actually observe me wiping out!

New opportunities are like racquetball, full of ups and downs. For any new endeavor, there is a chance that it will go great and I will find the experience wonderful and fulfilling…and there is also a chance that it will be completely awful and I will have to eat humble pie.
Despite the possibility of failure, I enjoy trying new things and embarking on new adventures. The monastery is a terrific place to spread my wings a little, take risks, and not be afraid to fall on my face. I know that if a new idea or initiative of mine does not work out, my community of Sisters will stay right there beside me anyway. They will pick me up and send me on my way again, ready to try even more new and exciting things.
Our community has been discussing the future a lot lately, which can be a bit scary since it is unknown territory. However, I am sure that since we are together and supporting one another, we will enter into new opportunities and set off on new journeys with optimism and confidence.

In the meantime, if you happen to walk by and see me fall down on the racquetball court, just smile and wave. You can be sure that I will get right back up again and keep playing – with the support of my Sisters, a bit of bravery, and perhaps an ice pack or two…

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